Friday, 30 July 2010


Hello my fellow 26 blogspotters....
That is how many followers i have..
i want to share something with you...
I have been in a band for 5 years now called Will and the People.. we have just made an album and done some gigs which feel different somehow to the past shenanigans... i guess it's because people seem to be coming to the shows more, and dancing and laughing... but i also think there is just a general "energy" in the air which is probing people to let loose a little and enjoy life more.. whether it be by relaxing or partying or working harder and playing harder.... boom bang bosh... letting things flow a little more, you know?
We played at Secret Garden Party which was probably the most fun we have ever had while doing a gig.. we have recruited a magician called Kasrani, a Breakdancer called Jody, a Barrister called Sam and many more dancers...... I have been telling people to let everyone know they are in a band called Will and the People... so i am letting you know too.. you are in my band... if there is something you can do besides dance or even just stand in the corner and look awkward (anything) then let me know and get in touch we will work it... yea baby.. but dont forget to tell people about your band..

I am thinking about making a video for a song on our album called Eyes with lots of naked people.... which will be fun...


take care... and... if you are about next week we are playing at the purple turtle in Camden on Thursday night... swing down.

I love you..


Mother Nature does Rock.......very very hard.. so listen.

Will x