Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I woke up in a strange place ...

Righty right ... Well embarrassingly this is my first blog of the year. There goes my new years resolution!! Anyhow I could blab on about how awfully 'busy' I've been but "Yea yea we're all bloody busy mate" says the aggravated White van driver sitting in his window behind my eyes. The fool is always the soothsayer. So firstly please let me apologise for being a layabout and let us proceed nearly onto my topic for today. Busy-ness. The art of being busy.

The oldest excuse in the book ... "Im sorry man. It's just I've been so busy ... you know ... with this and that". Really??!!

You see to be 'busy' these days carries such a vague sentiment that it shouldn't warrant as an excuse for not doing ... well ... Anything!! Nevertheless people still buy it faster than twenty quid plain White t-shirts from topshop. The human race really has taken busy-ness to new heights ... So busy we forget birthdays. So busy we leave the iron on. So busy that it then burns down our house!! So busy we only think of our friends rather than seeing them, so busy we can hardly think straight, we double book our plans ... Too busy to die, too busy to know we were even alive ... Once.

So with that in mind I have something for all the busy bodies of this world ... Maybe you could teach it to any busy people you see as busy people are FAR to busy to read other peoples thoughts or words. P.S. If you need to find a busy person word has it that if you board a train to London between about 5 and 7 most evenings there will be a few slumped drearily hither and thither.

Basically all you have to do is close your eyes and think of a smile, a mothers smile, a brothers smile, a lovers smile ... Think of all the happy times. Times of no regret, times of freedom, times of eternity, infinity. Just swim in it. You don't have to lose that feeling ever if you bear the feeling in mind. Absorb it, remember it. It gives you energy. Energy to be the best YOU you can be.

So I wrote this blog in a really strange strange mood ... Made stranger by the fact that it is like 9 in the morning. (I'm not a 9 o'clock person usually)
Anyhow we are recording today which is one of my favourite bits of playing music, along with gigging and writing (So - basically I love music!!) which will hopefully be with you ladies and gentleman in the ne'er so distant future. Also we got some sweet sweet pictures courtesy of Miss Kate Woods .... you guys should really go and check out all her stuff ... she's fucking brilliant. Go to

Take care amigos ... Will speak to you soon. If I'm not too busy!! :)


Ooo ooo ... and I advise you to all get involved in a bit of Jeff Buckley .... a beautiful genius. Top tracks; So Real, Last Goodbye or Everybody Here Wants You. Please give me some love if your a Buckley fan aswell - maybe someone can point me in the direction of some rarer tracks of his??? Pwetty Pweeeeease!

Friday, 21 January 2011

A little update

Bout time for a blog..
so the new year is now back in full swing and.... we have finished our album plus more for a record we will be releasing straight after this one.. to kind of catch up with ourselves if you know what i mean... it has been a whirlwind since i was dropped from sony.. in face it has been a whirlwind since i was signed... but nonetheless being free on our own record label with our own prospects to nurture is something i have craved for a while now.... doing stuff like this...

back soon..

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The darkness

A friend showed me this translation she did and said it reminded her of me... it's weird coz i don't really know her very well... and i am not really a dark person... too much... but i really felt like i could relate to these beautiful words written, i have always felt a sense of comfort in the darkness.... alone.... it is bylatvian writer Imants Ziedonis... and it is amazing.. read this.

There is nothing easier than to find your way in the darkness. In the daylight you are haunted by doubts. You trust the trails of others. But were the ones who went before you smarter? You can't know that. You believe the traveled paths, but these paths, after a few kilometers turn back - you see everyone has believed it, and everyone has been disappointed. Because it doesn't lead you anywhere.
This is why I walk at night, and nothing is easier than to find your way in the dark. I rely on my feet, my eyes - there is nothing or noone else I can rely on at night. What is the ''day'', it is other people's experience. These paths are other people's experience. But the night is only my experience, and only my road. The darkness is deep and beautiful, and when I rely on myself, I also rely on the darkness, and the darkness relies on me. When I am breaking through the darkness, sometimes a thought comes in my mind, that maybe I am glowing, without knowing it, and somewhere far away somebody can see me as a tiny dot of light. Not God, I am a meterialist, but it could be destiny. and then I think: can it see that I am trying to make my way through the bushes, and right next to me there is a road, made by others? Is it laughing at me? Can it see the ditch I am going to fall into, or maybe I will walk by it right on the edge? Did it make the ditch for me?
And suddenly I am taken over by a power surge, that I am laughing at destiny. Me, the little dot in the darkness, I strain my sens of smell and my vision, and I walk past the ditch. I couldn't possibly fall in it, because it convinces itself like people do in the dark, noone ever convince themselves like this.
The darkness is my vitamins, I am breathing it like oxygen, and it is burning inside of me.
When I walk at night, I feel that the darkness loves me. The branch that scratces my cheek, reminds me that I exist, and the root on which I trip , had recognized me, and greeted me how it can.
If you want to convince yourself, then walk in the dark and don't take anyone with you. You can loose everything in the dark, but not yourself, you can only FIND yourself.
You have your feet with you - your arms - your eyes and ears. The darkness surrounds you - the big and endless darkness. What else do you need?

HAppy New Year xx