Thursday, 27 May 2010

24 years old

I am feeling free.... I have a band you see, and a love for making music...
Its kinda cool because the state of the music industry at the moment is in such a place that bands who love to tour have the upper hand.....
And i have decided that buying a wagon me and my homeslices can travel around in and sleep in while we play is the best idea....
And the best thing about that is is it's a dream come true; travelling around the world playing music.. I am doing this blog because this is the best means i have of reaching people to tell them... well... if you like music and like seeing bands play.. and stuff... you should check out our music at
maybe come and see a live show sometime all of our timings and movements are up there...
We are aiming to come back to europe before christmas for more crazy loco and we will be selling our debut album everywhere we go... Which will also be available on itunes this summer..
oh the summer... how i love the summer...
I really think if you are searching for some kind of soundtrack for the sun over the next three or four months and haven't found one still.... my album... titled "Morning Sun" (if you know me - i know..... it has changed.... again.... but lets be honest this ones better!!!?)


so sue me

anyway i love you very much if you have read this... do me a favour tell your friend who lets you eat nutella from their pot with your fingers: "Check out this cool new band Will and the People.... they are ....." I'll let you do the rest!!!

Big love in a unifying manner

and lots of it..

Well done mankind for lots of things....

lets concentrate on the positive... which I will overshadowed by our gloomy cousin: "The negative" most of the time nowadays... we should try to change that really shouldn't we...

Whatever you do just do if for the right reasons, you know what they are.


Will Rendle


  1. Great read... and yes no surprise at all at album change x

  2. how about you stick to this name? i really dig it! short, warm & positive, cela s'impose comme une évidence, how should i say this, so obvious it feels natural? best wishes xox

  3. I'm always leaving comments on the things you write! :D
    I'd stop!
    love your words Will...and you sure are great!
    music's life...