Tuesday, 22 June 2010

stories...and eventually an album...

So…. I guess I always thought… why don’t I have a story? Maybe I do and I don’t know it… or maybe taking it all with a pinch of salt is just part of growing up.

The truth is I still don’t feel, compared to the people and cultures that inspire me, that I have what I would consider to be an interesting story… but what I do have is an endless list of people I have met and instantly become lost with in the world of music, whether it be fellow musicians/friends, other bands, producers or managers… record industry people… or maybe just people from a far away land who have nothing in common with me but everything to teach and learn.

The truth is I love meeting people, hence the name of my band. I dive in and out of other people’s worlds and feel I learn something every time. The musicians I meet carry me around. We play and travel together… it’s like we are on a little cloud which will float anywhere at any speed we want and it fucking rocks my little world. This is such a perfect situation for me, and that’s why I would like to keep doing this for the rest of my life. And some other stuff like it.

The other true fact I have realized is that people who love music just because they get lost in it, or it makes the hairs stand up on the back of their necks, or because it makes them dance for hours on end, even just a minute at a time it doesn’t matter because it is basically magic. It changes everything. People like that make me want to smile, have fun and live. The problem is that lots of people see music for the business that it is, and… well they want to make money… which is obvious and to be honest very understandable… however it is done at the mercy of the real artists, and it has created a very fake world filled with sharks and cretins who know nothing about the music industry as it is in it’s current state… they have too much money to learn about it too…

So…. That is how I see things at the moment. Be it right or wrong.

But that is so totally overshadowed by the people who love music and laugh with it… so thank you to those people!! From the bottom of my heart!

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Please order one I will send it to you... it’s like modern day car boot selling… BUT… and there is always a but… Bradley Knowell the deceased singer of an amazing band called “Sublime” sold 60 000 copies of his album from the boot of his car… music works in wonderful ways… please do tell your friends!



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