Saturday, 25 December 2010

All is calm, all is Marley!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Today is the big day ... So I'm told. Judging by the assortment of fish food and champagne I was greeted with at breakfast I would hope so ... Or I forgot someones birthday again!! Ah the first bitter sip!! ... It's going to be a long day.

Despite not quite being as hyperactive as I used to be it seems you can never help but get up on the right side of bed on Christmas day. Singing-in-the-rain stylee!! A day of tradition, family, copping it on the sofa early in the game after Christmas dinner, ripping paper, cracking crackers but weirdly enough there is nothing that seems to come around year after year quite as much as my itching desire to listen to bob Marley all day!! Is it just me?? Maybe it's all the positivity in the air but every year I go above and beyond my usually daily enjoyment of the man. A skanking Christmas ... I've gotta say it beats all that stiff Carol singing. Love it as i do. Fingers crossed that they'll bust out a little acapella arrangement of 'could you be loved' at Winchester today - Wishful thinking perhaps.

Being at home is such a strange comfort these days, seems I'm just too used to living with the boys. Always takes a bit of adjusting - especially with my grandad staying over. On my best behaviour I'll have you know - I've even taken the opportunity to stop smoking for a few days. It's been a piece of cake funnily enough. I don't have a single craving - maybe I'm just one of those lucky'uns. However, I've been having these really intense nightmares that have been waking me up every few hours. Can't really account for them as I haven't had bad dreams in donkeys years?? Oh well at least I have first hand experience of the nightmare before Christmas. Next time someone asks if I've seen it (which I haven't) my reply will be ... "seen it? I AM the nightmare before Christmas".

Anyhow I should definitely be frattonising with my extended family right about now so I will bid you adieu and wish everyone the very best of days. Fie those of you not in the Christmas mood yet ... Aunts, uncles and the such askin the same old same old well warm your Christmas cockles and check out the people's Carol on our myspaz ... You know the score - all that stuff before it /willandthepeople ... If you have any videos of you fuelling the Christmas spirit don't hesitate to post them to us.

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