Saturday, 18 December 2010


Ho ho ho merry christmasers and welcome to my blogspot .... form this day forth I vow to write here as often as not about everything and nothing, something and someone .... you and me ... us.

I am fresh-faced to the blogging community although have always loved reading other people's, especially ones concerning music. I like the idea of having a space to .... well potificate. It kinda beats keeping a diary to. If anyone out there has every kept a diary that they have written in every day for at least a year .... Maximum Respect ... surely it's impossible unless your from The Year of Our Lord 1812 and your name is Henry Demont Redford, 18th in line for the throne of the Kingdom. Anyhow, regardless of its content hopefully you will buy into my vibe and enjoy reading it. Or hate reading it and tell me . I find people's over-inflated online egos very interesting - sometimes borderline hilarious!!

For those of you I am meeting for the first time .... I am in a band called 'Will And The People' whom I love very much. We live in England but we are local's of everywhere; nomadic at the core. We hope everyday of the summer never ends and everyday in the winter that we suddenly make it big in the Caribbean. Like most other artists we don't like to pigeon-hole ourselves but our favourite way of describing our sound is "Heavy-Chilled" - to be honest if your reading this you must have an internet connection so do me a favour and have a quick listen by pressing here ... BUT COME BACK AFTERWARDS!!!

Right, now thats out the way.

Currently I am sat huddled by our fireplace with a big bag of coal keeping warm dressed in Santa's coat - we're old friends - and making Harman's keyboard black with soot from my hands. Today is also the day which I'm sure all you Brits will remember as the-really-snowy-day-we-had-just-before-christmas .... yes yes lots of snow. Fallen individual beauty. We we're talking about that last night - about how no two snowflakes we're the same, an interesting thought but then I was thinking there may have been two of the same but there is generally so much snowfall that two snowflakes the same had just never been found. So - with this in mind I have a hefty reward for anyone who can get be a picture of two identical snowflakes. This is a matter of science people .... think how much you could mix it up if you found something like that!

Other than just a space for excess cognition I am going to be posting about my favourite music, books, films, art or anything that strikes me as inspiring or inspired.

First of all I am dying to tell you about Bedouin Soundclash's new track featuring Coeur de Pirate called 'Brutal Hearts'. As if they weren't already one of the best bands from the last 5 years they have just pulled it out of the bag and along with new drummer, Sekou Lumumba, delivered a matured and forward-thinking take on their original sound. Eon's bass work ties in the band's original sound and Jay and CDeP's voices are a match-made in heaven with their beautiful, unique and rich vocal tones. Sonically the piece is beautiful and deep. The music carries alot of air - by that I mean the parts are sparse and well chosen. Basically ... well in!! Go and have a listen ... let me know what YOU think.

OK ... now I smell bacon .... yummy ... a vegetarians nightmare they say ... i'm not a vegetarian though. Anyhow, breakfast time at WATP HQ ... at half three in the afternoon ... I hate early breakfast. BUT just before I go you have to check out this video cause ... well ... its classic. And so is the music to it.

Keep it light and bye for now. Deck the halls with bells of holly - fa la la la la la la la la seriously.

KEO :)


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  1. The Great Great James Keo.. Starting on a journey of Wonder ... Where is my mind.... we look forward to seeing more... Brutail stuff