Tuesday, 14 December 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (almost but pretty much come ooooonn!!!!)

Someone did say about my band: "i wonder if they will survive the winter...."
Thats so typically English isn't it!! I mean.... Why would someone lug gear around the country and live such a strange existence only to go... oh.... its too cold we should stop... people are hardcore and this is a true fact... one can perish and fight it far more than the thought amount..

What the hell does that mean? Who knows...

Anyway i have been thinking and.... well it is cold and that therefore means that other places are hot... you know.. yin yang... so... a clever person would try to migrate to say... Australia... or.... i don't know somewhere closer to the equator....

Only rich people can afford to fly to Australia every year... or Musicians.... for Big Day Out... it's a long shot but i think we should go there... fo shooooooooooo!!!!!!

heres a little song i wrote...


Where have all the peaches gone?
Where are all these leeches from?
We're so monetarian,
That's the way we teach our sons.

You've got to pick a pocket or two,
A pocket's never full of food, (just cash)
I never know what the hell i own,
but i can hit the megaphone;

"This time it came as a surprise,
My television died,
i had to go outside,
saw the world....
it's not fine but the weather is sublime!
My history teacher lied,
He just added t my fears..."

Monetarian, blocking out the shiny sun.
Monetarian, paper's king what's done is done...

It all started with a Psychedelic star,
A supernova made us who we are
And i can see those monsters in the sky
stars that we go back to when we die...

Are you falling away?
Too scared to know the answers,
Coz we're running out of plasters
To cover up our wounds..

i have lots of new music to play you all as well...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

love Will x

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  1. for all the joy and happieness you've given to Justin and me over the past year...I wish you ten times more in 2011! :)

    We <3 Will and the People! :)